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The citizens of Karachi had long been waiting for a well planned housing society that offered good community features and amenities to meet the modern living standards. Bahria Town recognized this need in the biggest city of the country with a massive population and filled this vacuum by launching Bahria Town Karachi project.

Bahria Town Karachi is a unique housing project due to its huge scale and rapid development. It has gained recognition and support of both general public and local authorities which are essential for any project’s success.

There are several ongoing projects which are being developed simultaneously under the umbrella of Bahria Town Karachi. Here’s a list of the ongoing Bahria Town Karachi Projects.

  • Bahria Paradise Karachi
  • Bahria Homes
  • Bahria Sports City

 Bahria Paradise Karachi;

Inspired by the Central Park New York, Bahria Paradise Karachi aims to develop the whole city around a huge park and make it one of its kind housing society in Pakistan with all the features and amenities enjoyed by the New Yorkers.

Like Bahria Orchard, Bahria Paradise Karachi offers multiple residential options for its residents in shape of plots and preconstructed villas. The society offers great features such as;

  • Bahria Fountain
  • Bahria Night Safari and Adventure theme park
  • Golf Course
  • Carnival Area
  • Restaurants
  • School
  • World Class Saudi German Hospital


Since its inception in 1996, Bahria Town has been transforming Pakistani landscapes and people. Bahria Town creates value-added, master-planned communities that house thousands of families and provide them with a comprehensive living experience. More than a million people would be able to live in the under-development projects in Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, and Nawabshah once they are completed. The 35,000 employees of Bahria Town are creating a legacy for future generations by delivering iconic developments, driving leadership, pioneering innovation, and creating a legacy for future generations.

Bahria Town aspires to be the greatest Pakistani real estate developer of all time, with projects catering to a diverse range of demographics in prime locations with world-class amenities, all while maintaining the highest international standards, on-time delivery, and lifetime customer satisfaction. You can check plots for sale in Bahria Town Karachi as well.

Karachi residents had been yearning for a well-planned housing society with good community features and amenities to suit modern living standards for a long time. Bahria Town saw a need in the country’s largest metropolis, which has a large population and responded by developing the Bahria Town Karachi project.

Due to its large scope and rapid growth, Bahria Town Karachi is a one-of-a-kind housing project including Rafi Cricket Stadium. It has received widespread recognition and support from the general public as well as local governments, which is critical for any project’s success.

Under the umbrella of Bahria Town Karachi, numerous current projects are being constructed at the same time. The following is a list of current Bahria Town Karachi projects.

Karachi’s Bahria Paradise

Homes in Bahria

Bahria Sports City is a sports complex in Bahria, Pakistan.

Bahria Paradise Karachi

Bahria Paradise Karachi, inspired by Central Park in New York, aspires to develop the entire city around a large park and create a one-of-a-kind housing society in Pakistan with all of the features and services enjoyed by New Yorkers. Bahria Paradise is one of the amazing Bahria Town Karachi places to visit.

Bahria Paradise Karachi, like Bahria Orchard, provides people with a variety of residential alternatives in the form of plots and pre-built villas. Society has a lot to offer, such as:

Fountain of Bahria

Night Safari & Adventure Theme Park in Bahria

Putting Green

Restaurants in the Carnival Area School of World Class German Hospital in Saudi Arabia

Bahria Hills:

Bahria Town Karachi has opened a new sector in precincts 5 and 9 near the theme park. Bahria Hills is the name of the new sector, and it has a high demand in the market because of its private position and wonderful view due to its height.

Bahria Golf City:

In the form of Bahria Golf City Karachi, Bahria Town LTD has introduced an incredible concept of living and pleasure. It is intended to serve as the abroad block for Bahria Town Karachi, with residential plots and luxury villas available.

Bahria Golf City Karachi, on the other hand, would be the first of its kind and is predicted to be a huge success.


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