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Modern construction is a revolutionizing idea in the contemporary world we live in today, if
specifically speaking in terms of Pakistan than its recent progressing modern lifestyle projects
are in limelight to all national and international investors and residents.
The price of secure, reliable and modern living has never been more affordable
Good news for all interested, modern projects with elite facilities will now be more common
in Pakistan. After the benefiting success of Bahria Town in the major cities of Pakistan, a new
development titled ‘New Metro City’ will be seen making the headlines.
In recent days, after the commercial success of Bahria town in major cities like Karachi,
Lahore and Islamabad, be ready for an elite lifestyle in other nonmajor cities like Gawadar and
now in Kharian, Punjab as well.

Modern lifestyle is obviously available in the major cities of Pakistan but unfortunately, we
cant conclude the same for the other nonmajor cities and districts of the nation. What about
the living standards for cities such as Gawadar and Khairan? and many other minor
population cities of Pakistan?
This is where Malik Bilal, the grandson of the eminent politician Malik Riaz steps in, his
struggle for continuing his family legacy guided him to initiate an exceptional project under the
name of his own developing company BSM Developers. After his investment in Gawadar with
a project under the name of ‘Gawadar cost city’ (the first and only development in the city of
Gawadar) He is back with more enthusiasm for a new and improved project in Khairan, which
will prove to be of great benefit for his country and the people living abroad, as investing in
modern lifestyle has never been this simple

Plan of New Metro City Kharian.

The project Bilals company is working on is named ‘New metro city’ which is predicted to be
the next Bahria town of Kharian, its development is all set and on the go, the location of this
accommodation is on GT road, close to Gujarat and Mirpur city
The new metro city is not just a consummate place to settle down in, but it also serves as an
assisting short and long term investment regardless, whether the buyers is a native or not.
The project provides facilities of international payments and transaction with guidance and
indeed, flexible installment privileges. Every possible need and want is provided with state of
the art quality and security making it even easier for you to rely on, so what are you waiting
Book and contact the relevant authorities or mentioned contacts for reservations and

the metro city
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