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Gwadar Land Investment – Mouza Kiakalat Near Jinnah Avenue

Investment options in Gwadar vary depending on the type and location. Gwadar is divided into two zones (Residential and Industrial Zones) as per latest master plan of Gwadar. For anyone wanting to invest in land in Gwadar, both zones come with number of attractive options. Without any doubt investing in Land is more attractive and lucrative comparing with investing in housing societies.

Jinnah Avenue is the hub of Gwadar. Its the iconic road of Gwadar that separates Residential and Industrial zones. Jinnah Avenue is declared for high rise commercial buildings. We can compare it with Sheikh Zayd Road of Dubai. Any land located on or near Jinnah Aveue is considered a potential investment.

Gwadar’s lands are divided into large areas or Mouzas. Mouza Kiakalat and Jorkan present highly potential investment opportunities as both are located close to Jinnah Avenue and prices in some areas are fairly reasonable.

Any investment in these areas will definitely yield a thick ROI within 1-2 years of time. It is highly recommended to invest in these areas its surrounded by number of major roads and hubs in Gwadar. For example, Jinnah Avenue, Makran Coastal Highway and Gwadar Airport with within close proximity of these Mouzas.

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Supreme’s Court Post Verdict Celebrations Planning Bahria Town Karachi

As we all know that today Supreme Court of Pakistan is about to announce the judgement regarding Bahria Town Karachi. We all are very positive and expecting that this judgement will come in the favor of Bahria Town Karachi.

In this regards Bahria’s Management is planning a celebratory event for everybody who has been directly or indirectly effected by this on 23rd March 2019.

The Countdown Begins..

Talaal Haider

Gwadar Master Plan Quick Investment Guide

Gwadar offers numerous highly potential investment opportunities. There is wide range of investment options available in both land and residential projects. When it comes to finding the right type of option for yourself, you would surely need a highly experienced real estate consultant sorting out things for you.

This video provides a brief insight on major roads on Gwadar where any investment should yield handsome profit both in short and long terms. Jaidad Group is a pioneer in Gwadar real estate market and we can provide fair consultancy for your safe investment.

Whether you want to invest in a beach front property or looking to own land in industrial zone, our experience comes handy for you.

All the paperwork and documentation is taken care of by highly trained staff and we guarantee that documents can always be verified from real estate regulating authorities in Gwadar.

For more details and investment insights of Gwadar, please feel free to contact us.

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Sangar Housing Scheme Gwadar – March 2019

Sangar Housing Scheme Gwadar is a residential project on iconic hammer-head mountain top of Gwadar. Sangar Housing Project is sponsored by Government of Baluchistan and its a self financed project. developed by The Consultants Group aka CG Holdings. Total area of the project is 2500 Acres.

Most of the development work is completed and some development work is also underway.

Residential Plots in Sangar are available in following size categories.

400 Sq.Yds
600 Sq.Yds
1000 Sq.Yds

Commercial Plots in various phases of Sangar are available from 100 Sq Yds to 5 Acre sizes.

Sangar is divided into 4 phases. Possession in Phase 1 and Phase 4 has been announced. Prices of Residential and Commercial plots in Sangar vary depending on location and development status.

Location of the project is as good as it can get. Sangar is only project of its kind due to number of unique features. Its located on iconic Koh-e-Batil (hammer head) shape of Gwadar. As the project is located on mountain top, its surrounded by Arabian Sea on three sides. The views are breathtaking and untouched breeze is very refreshing. Only lucky ones will get a chance to own a house in Sangar.

Jaidad Group maintains fresh inventory of available plots in Sangar Housing Project and complete information in regards to buying/selling a project in Sangar can be availed free of cost.

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Gwadar Land Investment Guide – Some FAQs and Answers

Gwadar is land of opportunities and certainly its a game changer for entire region and specially for Pakistan. Investments that are done today will yield an huge returns in future provided if the investment is right.

CEO Jaidad Group attending Bahria Expo in Frankfurt

Bahria held Expo in Germany to promote Bahria brand and help increase overseas Pakistani’s investment in Bahria projects.